Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

About Deposit Place Ltd

Deposit Place is a Deposit management platform that allows users to request damage deposits to then manage and organise them. Deposit Place also makes transactions cheaper and more affordable for businesses.

 Deposit Place Ltd does not hold any deposit money or sensitive financial information and is not involved in the actual transaction between Deposit Place customers and users. Deposit Place is not liable for any damages or involvement in any disputes.

Deposit Period / Period of Validity

refers to the period during which the Deposit issued by a customer is valid, once it has been accepted by the user. In any case, the Deposit Period must cover the planned date of delivery of the asset or provision of the service in the event of a purchase, or where appropriate, of the expiry of the lease. Consequently, the customer who requests the Deposit is alone responsible for determining a sufficiently Period of Validity in view of the transaction concerned.

What is Deposit Place?

The online platform for the requesting and tracking of deposits. 

Where does my money go when I pay a deposit?

Your Deposit will be secured within the Deposit Place customer account.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information in our terms and conditions 

When are deposits returned?

A decision will be made on your deposit by the deposit holder within 48 hours after the time period has ended, subject to the deposit requesters terms & conditions. 

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